BumbleBee Puzzle for Children [Handmade Wood]

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Not all bumble bees sting. This little guy will do nothing of the sort. This bee puzzle is made from ¾ inch hardwood plywood and painted with non-toxic acrylic paints. The bumble bee puzzle is finished with shellac which is also not toxic. The bee puzzle is 5 ¼ in from nose to stinger and 4 ½ in. from his belly to the top of his bee wings. It has 8 parts. The bumble bee puzzle stands by itself when done and can act as room décor. So, not only can this bumble bee puzzle be used as a fun toy puzzle, it can also be room décor when completed. This bee puzzle may not be suitable for young children as some of the parts are rather small and could be swallowed.

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Wooden Puzzle Bumblebee.

This puzzle develops motor skills, problem solving and logical reasoning in your child. A beautiful handmade toy made from wood will bring happiness and endless hours of fun to your child.

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